Ward 2 seat; UA furloughs; Walker fire; Tres Bollotas fire; Air quality

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If you have been a registered voter in the Tucson city limits for at least three years and lived in Ward 2 for the last year, you can apply to be on the city council. All interested applicants have until April 20th to turn in a resume, cover letter and affidavit proving you meet the requirements. The Ward 2 position is open since Democrat Rodney Glassman resigned to run for senate.


Looks like furloughs are on the way at the University of Arizona next year because of budget cuts. The board of regents has trimmed 5 point 2 million dollars in salaries at the U of A. The ongoing hiring freeze and attrition will take care of some of that amount.


But those earning 40 to 60 thousand will have to take off one unpaid day.  Those making 60 to 90 will take two furlough days, and staff making more than that will have to stay home 3 days unpaid.

President Robert Shelton outlined the plan.


A human caused fire is now burning in the Coronado National Forest. Someone reported the Tres Bellotas fire 9 miles southeast of Arivaca at 8 Wednesday morning. Wednesday night it was 300 acres big with no containment numbers. The fire is under investigation as crews work on it.

No buildings are in its path right now.


It was a healthy winter here in Tucson when it comes to air quality. The Pima County Department of Environmental Quality says there were no unhealthy days recorded this winter for any of the six air pollutants monitored. But this summer season, the department worries for the first time our community might not reach the EPA's ozone standard.