Tucson homicides; Police grant

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There have been two shootings in less than 24-hours. They happened in the same Tucson neighborhood -- just around the corner from each other. The suspects in the case from Wednesday night are on the loose. The incident happened around 5:30 Wednesday evening.  Police say three men got into an altercation in front of a corner store near congress and Grande. It ended in one of the men being shot. The man's injuries are life threatening. Police say this was a gang related shooting.

As was the one that happened the day before, nearby on south Westmoreland. 18-year-old Omar Leyva was shot and later died at the hospital. Prior to the shooting there was as an argument in the street. Police say they have promising leads on this shooting. But, if you know anything about the one that happened today, call 911 or 88 crime.


Since Tucson police don't have the budget they used to, to fight crime, one major retailer has stepped in to help.

The department today received a $150,000 grant from Target to start up a new program called "Safe City."  Tucson is one of 21-cities in the country participating in the program, which was designed by Target. Police say target has been a huge support.