Kick-Ass delivers ass kickin' laughs

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Ass Kickin’ Laughs

Kick-Ass storms in with 4 Red Vines for butt kicking comedy

Right off the bat you can assume there’s going to be a lot of booty kicking in a movie that dares to call itself “Kick-Ass.”  I confess that when I first heard the name, I stupidly didn’t even bother to read the synop because I assumed that it was another in a string of dumb martial arts flicks.  Well you know what they say about people who ‘ASSume’ things!  That certainly was the case for me.  But when I overheard a senior lady talking about an early preview she had seen I knew I better get my butt over to the next showing ASSAP (as so soon as possible)!  She was raving about it and she was not wrong.

To be right to the point, “Kick-Ass” is as fresh and original as movies come.   It is hilarious and at the same time incredibly over-the-top violent.  Think of it as a weird love child from Napoleon Dynamite and anything Quentin Tarantino has spawned.  This wicked tongue and cheek action film is a take on the real life phenomenon of everyday people whom want to be super heroes.  You might have seen news stories on them as they parade around or rather ‘patrol the mean streets’ in their homemade capes and tights.

In ‘Kick-Ass” everyday comic book geek Dave Lizewski longs to be such a guy.  (The movie is actually based on a real comic book.)  One day he decides to finally make his dream come true.  He orders an outfit from a catalogue (looks like some kind of green lantern ski suit) and starts practicing his super human moves.  One day he stumbles across a mugging and leaps into action.  But of course with no real super powers he gets, you guessed it, his ass kicked!  He is so badly beaten that several metal plates and rods are used to put him back together.  His reaction?  Cool.  Now he’s a real life Wolverine.  Well not quite.  But that doesn’t stop him from putting out the word that Kick-Ass is open for business and willing to help anyone in distress.  Once again he stumbles across a crime and once again he gets his ass kicked but this time by a whole gang and in full view of a group armed to the teeth with cell phone cams.  Viral videos of Kick-Ass in action sweep the Internet and soon he really is a real life super hero to all.

But Kiss-Ass isn’t the only super hero on the prowl.  A man with a score to settle with the mob has also donned an alter ego persona (Big Daddy) to get the job done.  When the mob gets the two confused, suddenly geeky Kiss-Ass is caught in the cross-hairs.

That’s the plot in a nutshell and I wouldn’t dare go any further and spoil your fun.  But let me say this, Nicholas Cage is back baby!  And in a Big way-no pun intended!  As caped crusader Big Daddy, Cage is back on quirky target and his turn as a wronged man on a mission is phenomenal!  He absolutely has the audience in his hands with every scene.  Holding her own as his ‘girl wonder’ is Chloe Moretz.  The pint sized actress is a marvel as Big Daddy’s daughter Hit Girl.  She is amazing to watch and generates the kind of buzz that Dakota Fanning and Abigail Breslin did when they first blazed on the screen.  Apparently she gained her fearless acrobatic prowess on wires while filming the remake of Amityville Horror but that part and movie were not built for anyone to take notice of her.  They will now.  In a movie jam packed with mesmerizing action scenes, hers with Big Daddy light up the screen.  And their small, everyday moments are just as riveting which is no small feat.

Relative new comer Aaron Johnson is just as rewarding as Kick-Ass.  He is the very reason why watching some of the violence is so hard.  You really care about his character and do not want to see him suffer.  That he can emote so much behind a mask speak volumes for any actor, much less such a young one.  Surely this is the beginning of a great career for him.

An obvious audience favorite was Christopher Mintz-Plasse (McLovin’ from “Superbad”) as Red Mist.  While some movie goers might go based on their appreciation of him alone, he is not what they will leave talking about.  Not to say that he doesn’t do a fine job but Red Mist is no McLovin.

I’ve gone on far too long but that’s just how much I enjoyed this terrific movie.  Now I think I’ll just take a page from the flick’s promotion:  Shut up.  Kick-Ass!

A preview of this movie was provided to me by the studio but it in no way effects my unbiased review.