Cars already lining up for 99-cent gas; Find out where!

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PHOENIX -- With gas prices averaging around $3, 99 cents a gallon seems like a price from another era. 

Well, you can go ahead and get nostalgic thanks to a promotion going on Friday.

Infinity Insurance is sponsoring this gas-a-thon. 

You can fill up for 99 cents a gallon Friday, April 16, 11 a.m.-2 p.m., at the Chevron Gas Station.  It's located at 5035 W. McDowell Road, Phoenix.

People started lining up for the bargain gas hours before the event was to begin. At 8:40 a.m., the line already wrapped around the corner and stretched back to interstate 10. Some of those drivers had been waiting 30 minutes.

Police were on the scene to help direct things and get other drivers around the line.

There is a 10-gallon limit per customer, which is a savings of $18.90. In addition, the gas-a-thon is a cash-only promotion.

Steve Jerrod, who says he's insured through Infinity, was the first person in line, showing up at 11:00 Thursday night. He said he didn't know about the restrictions when he showed up at the Chevron with a couple of gas cans

"I didn't find out about a limit until 8:00 this morning, when the cashier inside said it was a $10 limit, which is 10 gallons," he said. "And it's cash only. ... I thought they [Infinity] were saving me money.

"I was really banking on this to get me through for the next week," he said.

According to 3TV's Bruce Haffner, Infinity Insurance said it did not mention the 10-gallon limit when it put out information about the event because it assumed people would understand there was one.