Local vet creates social networking site that brings military 'family' together

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PHOENIX – There is a new social networking website with one idea in mind: to bring all military personnel, past and present, together.

It was created by a veteran living in the Valley. The official launch date of ArmedZilla is in May but 3TV wanted a sneak peak so we sat down with the man who came up with the idea.

It only took four months for David Johnson's idea. He says he scribbled on a napkin to become a reality.

Johnson says, “We did it and here we are today with armedzilla.com.” It is a social networking website designed specifically around military life.

Johnson explains, “Military people they're always moving around, I need this, I need that, something came up I can't pull my shift Friday night could somebody trade my shifts with me? I've got an extra pair of combat boots, I need an extra pair of gloves, could somebody trade equipment with me? I need a baby sitter, I need a ride to the airport, whatever your need is.”

Johnson is a former Army man himself. He went on, “Three tours to Iraq out of a special operations unit from Fort Carson.”

Johnson says he wanted a way to bring all his brothers and sisters in the military together. “That light bulb that went on said ‘Create a Facebook for the military’.”

While the website is geared towards military personnel you do not have to be serving or a veteran to be a member.

Michael Frost, an armedzilla member, says, “I wish this was around four years ago when my brother entered the military.” Frost is already a member and he is not in the military but he is able to use the website and talk to others who have loved ones overseas.

Frost explains, “You want to talk to somebody or communicate with somebody that's been through this or knows what we're feeling and now it's a way to do it.”

Currently 353 people are already logging on to ArmedZilla. To stay current, Johnson says they are already working on a cell phone app for it. Johnson says, “I hope this grows into the common destination for anything military-related.”

Another thing this website does is allow people who might have questions in joining the military to become members. You would select "military curious" and then ask questions in different forums.

Johnson tells 3TV they plan on officially launching ArmedZilla on May 1 in front of some high military personnel at the Pentagon.