Hospice of Arizona: Taking care of the entire family

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Linda Cobb, The Queen of Clean has had several experiences with Hospice and Hospice of Arizona with her cousin, mother and ex-husband and has nothing but wonderful things to say about the organization. Per Linda, the organization not only takes complete care of your loved one but they also take care of the surrounding family.

Services provided by Hospice of Arizona
Hospice of Arizona provides various services including full medical attention, to providing volunteers to read or play cards with your loved ones to taking care of the entire family. Families have the option of caring for their loved ones at home, in a group home or at the facilities of Hospice of Arizona. In order to qualify for Hospice of Arizona services you need to be having a life-ending crisis and someone that needs that additional help. 

Who makes the decision to bring in Hospice of Arizona?
A lot of people think that the doctor's are the ones that decide to bring in Hospice when in reality it's the patients making that decision. Linda recommends that everyone should have that conversation with their loved ones now when you're healthy and are able to make those decisions. Tell your family, tell your doctor and write your wishes down. In the long run you'll be provided with the best care for a painless and comfortable passing and your family won't feel guilty for having to decide on your behalf. And, in some instances patients check into Hospice services and end up getting better and leaving several times. It's really a patient decision.

About Hospice of Arizona
Hospice of Arizona is a leading Hospice establishment providing end-of-life care in Phoenix and the surrounding cities. Their services are provided 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Their team of professionals include nurses, hospice aides, spiritual care specialists, pharmacists, medical social workers and more.

To reach Hospice of Arizona all 602-678-1313 or visit Hospice of Arizona on-line.