Bosu ball mania

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In a land of core training the Swiss Ball has been one of the main contributing factors to the advancement of functional training.  We know now that challenging our core is just as important as challenging our traditional major muscle groups. As our knowledge grows with fitness so does our engineering.  Even in an economy such as ours, there has been no lack of an array of new age equipment designed to challenge our core muscles like never before. 

One piece of equipment that’s here to stay is the Bosu Ball.  By design, the Bosu Ball is very similar to the Swiss Ball for it still challenges our primary core muscle, the TVA (transverse abdomonis) when used properly. *see segment “Core Training!” for additional core training info*  The main distinguishing factor that’s hard to miss is that the Bosu Ball is literally a Swiss Ball, cut in half!  For all exercises seated, the Swiss Ball is perfect for challenging our balance but leaves us back on “solid ground” for all of our standing exercises.  Keep in mind that solid ground does nothing to stimulate our core and secondary stabilizer muscles.  The Bosu Ball is now another way for users to capitalize on standing exercises while forcing the TVA and secondary stabilizer muscles to remain engaged. 

It doesn’t stop here!  The Bosu Ball can be used to challenge virtually every muscle group.  From an intense ab workout to push-ups, a variety of workouts can be utilized with proper training on a Bosu Ball.  Below are but a few kick butt, Bosu Ball workouts! 

Bosu Ball Squat
While standing on the Bosu Ball (flat side up) with knees slightly bent, Lower body into a squat. 8 – 16 Repetitions. 3 - 5 Sets.  *Hold onto dumbbells for additional resistance!* 

Bosu Ball Oblique Crunch
While lying on the Bosu Ball (flat side down) sideways just above the waist, position feet strait behind and heel to toe, perform an oblique crunch. 12 – 16 Repetitions. 3 - 5 Sets.  *Hold for 2 seconds at contraction for maximum muscle breakdown!*