New website can help you go green and reduce your carbon footprint

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When it comes to reducing your carbon footprint and doing your part to save the environment, you need to ask some key questions. A new website is hoping to be the go to place for Valley residents.

 “We thought we had an opportunity right now to fix our costs over time by installing a photovoltaic system,” John Phin said.

Phin and his wife are turning their Scottsdale home into an environmentally friendly one with the help of Green Fuel Technologies.

“I went on the site and had an excellent conversation with Michael Barber, who helped me get connected to the right kinds of vendors,” Phin said.

Green Fuel Technologies is just one of many vendors people can find when they log onto a new website called

“It's a place for consumers to come find simple information about savings they would get from different green energy options,” Barber said. “You can then calculate those rebates for different options and connect with qualified installers.”

Barber is one of the website's founders. Besides creating a place to help consumers find estimates on reducing their energy bills, providing a network of credible installers was important.

“We look at their Better Business Bureau rating,” Barber said. “They have to have no negative reviews or no unresolved reviews with the BBB.”

Barber said they also look at how many years the companies have been in business and if their products and services are licensed, bonded and insured.

“They do have some quality controls in the vendors they pick,” Founder of Green Fuel Technologies, John Casey said. “The diligence they put in both their sites and the information to make sure things are accurate.”

Now when it comes to getting those incentives for going green, Barber said the site has downloadable rebate forms that are easy to read.

“There are a lot of sites out there including government sites that provide those rebates for consumers, but they don't give any instructions and we thought that was a big hole,” Barber continued.
“It told us right up front if we did it in a reasonable period of time we would get a good return on our investment,” Phin said.
This is why Phin believes a website like can only put those looking to reduce their carbon footprint on the right track.

“It helps you get connected with the right people who can give you the specific proposals to meet your objective.”

For more information, go to AZ Energy Guide.