Is growing mobile website putting your kids' safety at risk?

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The images are too provocative for us to show on TV.

The photos may look like they belong on an adult website, but they're not. They’re on, and these are profile pictures of what appears to be underage teens.

“MySpace, when you upload those kinds of photos, they delete them, and they say if you want to prevent somebody under the age of 18 from looking at your photos, there's a security button, this one doesn't have it.”

Valley parent Monica Myers says she found out the hard way her 13-year-old had a MocoSpace account when she realized grown men were contacting her daughter claiming to be in high school.

“There's no security, there's nothing that, when your youngen gets on there or my 13-year-old daughter gets on there, there's nothing to stop these older guys from approaching her,” Myers said.

3 On Your Side found similar concerns in website reviews calling MocoSpace dangerous, claiming ‘vile topics are reported to administrators with absolutely no response from them at all.’

One user writes, “I wouldn't recommend it to any decent human being.”

Although all social websites can get racy, Myers says MocoSpace enables underage users to go overboard with graphic photos, hate messages and very vulgar language.

“It's a basic adult website is what it is,” Myers said.

“Right now I don't see a way to regulate it,” Detective James Holmes explained.

Phoenix Police say the problem with start-up websites, like MocoSpace, is that no one is properly monitoring content, so parents must keep up with evolving tech trends.

“If you think something's going on with your child’s computer or phone and you don't know how to get in there and have a look, take it to the manufacturer, take it to the phone company and say listen I need to know,” Holmes said. “If you paid for it then take it away and have a look.”

He also warns parents: While you think you're on top of your children's cyber safety at home, a sketchy social networking scene may still be at their fingertips.