Man suffers burns while making own bio-diesel in Buckeye backyard

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BUCKEYE - A Valley man trying to make his own gasoline nearly burns his house down Tuesday afternoon.

He ended up being wheeled into county hospital where he remains Tuesday night. Now his wife, Kym Stokes, is swearing to 3TV that he will never do it again.

Everything happened near 299th Avenue and Thomas in Buckeye. The couple has supposedly been making their own bio-fuel for some time now but after this, that is all about to change.

The man who was involved in the explosion burned his hands and face but the injuries are not life threatening. His wife says her husband was out in the backyard brewing up some bio-diesel when he heard a pop.

Stokes explains, "We put bio-diesel in our truck and car and he was mixing up a new patch and he heard a pop and it blew up on him."

The flames were supposedly shooting up higher than the house. The impact from the explosion shattered windows and even knocked a concrete wall back a few inches.

It is not the first time neighbors have seen an explosion. About a year ago a propane tank blew up.

According to police, there just are not a lot of laws on the books limiting people from making bio-diesel in their backyard.

The owners say they have learned their lesson and this is just too dangerous a hobby to practice so close to home.

Stokes says they were lucky her husband’s father was out of town or he probably would have been outside also when the tanks exploded.