Woman says her credit is shot for something that shouldn't be there

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A Surprise woman says her credit is shot all because of something on her credit report; something she says shouldn't be there at all. Apparently a debt collector is after her for a $1,000.

Lenni Minuth is tired of renting and wants to buy a home but right now, her first priority is to get rid of stuff she doesn't want to move. "So, we are trying to buy a house. I'm about 25 points away from getting my credit from where I need it to be."

Lenni says her credit is a little off all because of something she did back in 2007. It was a time when Lenni says she really wanted to get into shape, "to lose weight, to get myself back on track and to be the way I used to be."

So, Lenni says she visited a workout facility called Bally Total Fitness where she claims she was given a pretty nice trial offer.

"It was a 30-day trial basis."

Lenni claims she tried Bally Total Fitness out for just one day and decided it really wasn't for her. As a result, she says she later called Bally and told them she wasn't interested in coming back. That was three years ago but now, just when she wants to buy a home, she found out a that so called free membership had been turned over to a debt collector. "I finally am getting notices from collection agencies stating that I owe them almost $1,000 dollars for this and it's uncalled for."

With a collection notice on her credit report Lenni says she's having a hard time qualifying for a home loan. She says she called Bally to figure how a free trial membership turned into a nearly $1,000 bill but got no answers. "I'm getting the run around, they refuse to give me any information."

3 On Your Side contacted Bally Total Fitness, which had a different view on things. In a statement to 3 On Your Side they say:

"...she did purchase a 36-month membership with a 30-day cancellation clause. She never cancelled the membership and did make eight separate payments to Bally."

Bally Total Fitness went on to say that Lenni even took a photo for the club's I-D system and provided them with her credit card for billing. They also say they never knew she wanted to cancel her membership until 3 On Your Side got involved. However, the Bally Total Fitness did agree to waive the one thousand dollar due to them and agreed to remove the issue from a collection agency.

Lenni says she couldn't be happier.

"I’m thrilled to death, without Channel 3 helping me out this wouldn’t have happened. I owe everything to Channel 3."

Based on the paperwork that was signed, Bally Total Fitness went above and beyond by waiving the one thousand dollar bill. It's also a good reminder to know what you're signing before you sign it.