Pet of the Day - Donatello

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Control #:  659928
1.5 Years Old, Boxer & Shepherd Mix

Just look at that mug!  Donatello’s smile could brighten even the gloomiest of days.  And with his wiggling back end and a mouth full of toys, Donatello is sure to provide endless laughs.  This incredible companion was found wandering Sandario covered in scabs circling his neck and chest.  We’re not sure how Donatello acquired such scars, because this big boy is most certainly a lover and not a fighter.  He has a cropped tail like a Boxer, and he wiggles his nub when he greets you. With healed wounds and a forgiving heart, Donatello is ready to put the past behind him and live the way every dog should: under the care of a loving guardian.  Donatello has been waiting patiently since early March to find a family of his own and would love the opportunity to persuade you to take him home. 

His adoption fee is only $25.