Maxwell Middle School reconstituting

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District officials met with parents of students at Maxwell middle school Monday night. The school is labeled as 'failing.' Test scores are down. The district says it's time to start over.

Monday night, Jim Fish, assistant superintendent of middle school leadership, broke the bad news to concerned parents at Maxwell middle school.

The Arizona Dept. of Education wants new leadership and new staff at the school. From the principal to the janitors, they want everyone out. "Those that wish to remain here will have to go through an interview process to stay here, almost declaring it a new school," says Jim Fish.

The final decision will be made Tuesday night at the TUSD board meeting. Teacher Tom Crawford plans to be there fighting for his job, "We're going to address the board at the meeting at 6:30 there will be a call to the audience and the vote will probably be after 9 o'clock."

Crawford admits the school failed to meet performance standards, but he insists it is showing improvements. And with 86 percent of the students at Maxwell Hispanic, standard testing is difficult. "The primary category is that of ELL or English Language Learner; they're going to struggle the most with an AIMS test," explains Fish.

Principal Yolanda Nunez agrees. She says Maxwell is getting better every year, "A school has to make 13 points in a year to make a label of performance. 12.8, 2 tenths of a point away from making performance."

But for the Department of Arizona Education it may be a case of too little too late.