Police warn residents about "cat burglaries" in east Phoenix

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PHOENIX -- The Phoenix Police Department is warning residents about a series of "cat burglaries" in an area of east Phoenix.

Due to the spring weather, homeowners are leaving doors open or unlocked, windows open or garage doors open.

There have been several burglaries reported in a particular area of east Phoenix. Sgt. Andy Hill said since March 1 there have been six known "cat burglaries" with similar methods and points of entry in the area of 40th Street to 56th Street and Indian School Road to north of Camelback Road.

At this point, police do not know if the crimes are being committed by the same suspect or suspects. Hill said there is some similar "modus operandi" information but no definitive evidence connecting the crimes to any one suspect.

Police will be holding a community meeting in the near future to answer questions, give safety tips, and gather any possible additional information.