Suspect in '06 Phoenix homicide arrested in southern Arizona

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Basilio Guerrero-Monroy By Alicia Barron Basilio Guerrero-Monroy By Alicia Barron

PHOENIX -- A man has been arrested in southern Arizona for his involvement in a 2006 homicide in Phoenix.

According to Phoenix police Detective James Holmes, Basilio Guerrero-Monroy, 32, left in his vehicle to visit friends on July 11, 2006, and never returned.

His brother-in-law received a telephone call from a kidnapper indicating Guerrero-Monroy would be killed if $3,000 was not provided for his release.

Holmes said the ransom was collected and given to the kidnappers, who then contacted Guerrero-Monroy's wife in Mexico, demanding an additional $5,000. She was not able to collect the money and Guerrero-Monroy was driven to Interstate 17 and Pioneer Road where he was shot to death.

Saul Ojeda, 29, was identified as the shooter based on witness statements. The case was submitted to the County Attorney's Office and turned down in September 2008 due to no reasonable likelihood of conviction based on the evidence presented.

In November 2008, samples of casings collected from the scene were found to match a homicide discovered at I-17 and milepost 240 where Gilbert Ortiz was murdered in a similar manner. The Maricopa County Sheriff's Office was investigating the case.

It was discovered that both victims were kidnapped and held together near 24th Avenue and Campbell Road by the suspects prior to their deaths. Investigators determined the murders were done with the same weapon.

MCSO had been working their case and discovered several suspects had fled the state to California shortly after the murder. MCSO authorities traveled to California where they were able to locate and seize the 9mm. The weapon was compared to recovered cartridge casings and it was determined to be the murder weapon.

Ojeda was arrested April 3 in Santa Cruz County.