HOTLINE: Tuesday, April 13

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Suns Playoffs/Metro
The Suns will take on the Denver Nuggets today at 7:30 p.m. at US Airways Center. For more information, log onto

Barefoot Running -- Dr. Art Mollen, The Mollen Clinic
For more information on Dr. Mollen, visit or call 602-264-9806.

Mother's Day Car Giveaway
For more information on this contest, including rules and regulations, visit

Dean Wegner, Financial Expect -- Existing Homebuyers Tax Credit
For more information, Dean Wegner can be reached by calling 602-432-6388 at WJ Bradley Morgtage or email at

Andrew Morrill, Vice President, Arizona Education Association -- Teacher Cuts
The Arizona Education Association can be reached at 602-247-1664 or 1-800-352-5411 or by logging onto

Cash For Appliances -- David Drennon, Arizona Department of Commerce
For more information log onto

Coyotes White Out
For more information, log onto

Re/Maxx Fine Properties
To reach a real estate consultant and expert call (602) 768-3030 or go to

9 p.m. EXTRA: Arizona Energy Guide
For more information, go to AZ Energy Guide.