Fatal crash on west side; Krentz murder drives gun sales; U.S. Consulate attack; Fires

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An accident on the west side of town ended with a 16 year old Tucson girl dead.

It happened on on eye-10 at grant road in an eastbound lane around 6:30 yesterday evening. 16-year-old Monica Gutierrez died after being ejected  DPS. says she wasn't wearing her seat belt. They say the van she was in crossed three lanes and hit a car before losing control.


The murder of Rancher Robert Krentz. seems to be causing gun and ammunition sales to go up in Douglas.

It's believed an illegal immigrant -- most likely someone working for a smuggling cartel -- shot 58-year-old Krentz on On his ranch two weeks ago. The general manager of Allsafe security says he's unhappy the sales stem from a death in the community. He's selling 20 guns a week -- mostly handguns.


Meanwhile in Mexico, security patrols are on alert after an attack on the U.S. Consulate. Officials say an attacker threw an explosive device over the wall of the consulate in the Mexican city of Nuevo Laredo today. Some windows were broken, but no other damage has been reported. The building and one other border-town consulate will be closed Monday pending a security review.


There have been two house fires in less than 24 hours. Tucson firefighters say unattended candles are to blame.

Firefighters responded to one of the house fires around five this afternoon on the 5600 block of east Juarez Street. Crews say a woman was inside sleeping when the fire started. She woke up and found her house filled with smoke. She immediately got out and called 911. The damage is estimated at $120,000. Firefighters say her dog died in the fire.


Another candle fire left a Tucson family of five homeless.

This one happened just after 9:00 Sunday night. near Ajo and 6th. Firefighters say no no one was home at the time. Investigators think an unattended candle in the bedroom sparked the fire. Damage is estimated at $80,000.