Amber alert cancelled and mother arrested

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Two people were taken into custody Thursday after an 11-month old child was allegedly kidnapped from a south side parking lot. But the investigation took a different turn after deputies arrested the child's mother.

"At approximately 9:30 Thursday morning, Pima Country Sheriffs deputies responded to the Wal Mart at Cardinal and Valencia," explains Pima County Sheriff's Deputy Jason Ogan.

And what deputies found was a mother, 21-year-old Ivaleen Hendrixs, outside of the Wal Mart claiming her 11-month-old daughter had been kidnapped. "When she exited, she noticed both Darrell and her son were gone," says Deputy Ogan.

Darrell Lee Miguel, who is a relative of the mother, had been left with the child in the parking lot of the Wal Mart. He and the child were found at Manzanita Park, just minutes after an amber alert was issued before noon.

The child was taken to a hospital and checked out as a precautionary measure.

But then the story took an unexpected turn, police arrested the mother for leaving her child alone with someone under the influence of alcohol and drugs.

And later deputies came to believe Ivaleen herself was under the influence. She and Darrell were charged with child abuse, a class 4 felony. "By leaving the child alone with a relative with Darrell, who was under the influence of alcohol," explains Deputy Ogan.

Deputies said if the 11-month-old is not turned over to family members, child protective services could get involved.