Barricade situation ends with suspect in custody

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A usually quiet neighborhood near the University of Arizona was filled with SWAT units and police Thursday afternoon. Officers were called in after a man barricaded himself in a home. Prior to that, he was outside brandishing a knife.

Celina Fierro never imagined her day would take this twist. Her neighbor, barricaded inside his apartment, armed with a knife, "He was just hanging out normal in the morning but then he went in when he came out he had a beer and a knife."

With the suspect threatening himself and others, police put the busy area on lock down.  "When you have an individual who's out in the community armed with a weapon of any type and is clearly in crisis mode, you have to deal with it quickly and forcefully," explains Sgt. Pacheco.

Tucson Police appeared on the scene about 1:00 P.M. Thursday.   They shut down Euclid Ave. and the SWAT team surrounded the apartments. 

About four hours after the barricade situation started, it all came to a sudden end. The swat team brought the suspect down with less than lethal rounds.