Off-duty officer shot with stun gun after fight at Scottsdale bar

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By Alicia Barron By Alicia Barron

PHOENIX – A Phoenix police officer is accused of being drunk and unruly and forcing a fellow officer to take aim with a stun gun.

Scottsdale officers tell 3TV they were trying to break up a fight outside a Scottsdale bar. Officers say that when one of the men involved in the fight starting swinging in their direction, they shot him with a stun gun and then found out he was a fellow officer of the law.

The incident took place on a Monday just after midnight at the Martini Ranch in Scottsdale when police say a fight involving a 28-year-old spilled into the parking lot.

“Turned out to be, they later found out was a Phoenix police officer," Sgt. Mark Clark of the Scottsdale Police Department.

The incident report says two nearby Scottsdale police officers ran to the fight shouting at the off-duty phoenix police officer 'police stop' twice but Clark says, “He broke free of the bar personnel as the officers were approaching, the guy who we found out was an off-duty officer then started coming at the officers swinging aggressively where both officers, where both officers felt as though they were going to be assaulted."

Investigators say one of the Scottsdale officers deployed the stun gun on the off-duty officer who fell to the ground and yelled ‘I'm done I'm done’.

The report says his eyes were bloodshot and watery, his breath smelled of alcohol and he slurred his speech slightly while talking.

Clark tells 3TV, “Unfortunately these fights do happen at closing time and I think both the parties were intoxicated and they would just assume forget it."

Neither party wanted to press charges and, even though Scottsdale police say they were concerned the off-duty officer would have assaulted them without the stun gun, Clark says, “The officers were not physically assaulted so there were no charges to be done."

Detective James Holmes, with Phoenix police, says, “Regardless of what the investigation shows or what the Scottsdale PD say, personally we are going to have to take a good look at how we behave and we are going to change that."

The police report says the Scottsdale officer told the off-duty officer he was not going to file charges against him before he ever knew he was a Phoenix police officer so they say he was not given special treatment for being an officer.