Teen rescued after being pinned under broken down SUV

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PHOENIX – A teen driver got pinned between his car and a cement canal wall and had to be rescued in Glendale.

3TV’s chopper was overhead as firefighters wheeled him into an ambulance near 51st Avenue and Cactus during the
evening commute.

The driver was heading down Cactus when his car broke down. He was pushing it over when he lost control and ended up getting pinned in the canal.

Danny Valenzuela, with the Glendale Fire Department, explains, “He was wedged between the front there.”

From the chopper you could see Glendale firefighters trying to get the teen out. Instead of calling in a tow truck 3TV is told they used airbags.

Valenzuela says, “They're highly compressed airbags that work as a hydraulic jack if you will, so we use several of them to lift this vehicle away from this young man enough to get him out.”

The teen ended up pinned when his SUV broke down. He and a couple of strangers were trying to do the right thing by pushing it out of traffic's way.

Valenzuela tells 3TV, “You have three people behind the vehicle pushing it down the canal area, they lose control and from what I'm gathering this young man runs to the front of the vehicle.”

But he could not slow it down. Valenzuela says, “It doesn't work out as planned and the vehicle pushes him into the canal embankment pinning his leg.”

The teenager was transported to a nearby hospital with leg injuries. His name is not being released.