KTTU "In Focus," Sunday, 5/2/10, 10:30 AM

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By Bryce Potter By Bryce Potter

Host Bob Lee interviews Dane Woll, President, and CEO, YMCA of Southern Arizona, and Linda Morales, President, Board of Managers, Lohse Family YMCA..  Tucson’s YMCA began in 1914 and was originally located at the corner of Congress and Court Streets.

Woll says today, there are five neighborhood YMCAs and a 400 acre camp in Oracle, Arizona. Originally founded as the "Young Men's Christian Association," he says today half of all YMCA members are female and half are under the age of 18. He says the YMCA runs programs of all types, from activities for older adults to Zen aerobics. Some of the biggest are camping, swimming and child care.

Woll says the child care program is facing challenges due to less State aid being available.  He says the YMCA helps parents who can pay a portion of the cost but earn too much to qualify for government help.  He says this year, the YMCA is receiving requests from families that qualify for State aid as well as newly-unemployed parents.  Morales says the YMCA day care programs are now seeing parents who can’t work because they don’t have child care.  She says other families can’t find jobs that pay more than the child care costs. 

Woll says the YMCA put away money for a “rainy day.”  Last year, he says, “it rained.”  He says he hopes people will be generous with donations to help an agency that’s helping kids in these very difficult times.