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New Horizons Women’s Care - Take Control of Heavy Menstruation & In-Office Permanent Birth Control 
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Vital Solutions – Are you the Right Candidate for HCG?
HCG is not something to be trifled with and it must be administered by a physician via a prescription. Even when Dr. Simeon did original studies using HCG back in the late 50’s he still prequalified his participants. Likewise, today we look at a comprehensive blood panel to assure someone is a candidate for the program. Also, if a candidate for the program, one must be careful that the program is finished out properly for results to stick. Vital Solutions MD is offering a $200 discount to YLAZ viewers on our Elite 12 Week HCG Program to help them get ready for summer. Start now! For information on the Scottsdale location call 480- 477-6334.  For Mesa location call 480-289-3690. Visit them on the web at

Granite Transformations

PHOENIX: 623-581-5056
TEMPE: 480-222-2022

Freedom Debt

Advanced Skin and Laser Centers

Dave Synodis, Home Smart 
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Gold Stash for Cash

Weight Loss Institute of Arizona