Governors Richardson and Brewer call for better border security

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The governors of two border states descended on Cochise County Wednesday. The topic is security of citizens in the wake of the murder of rancher Rob Krentz late last month.

Arizona Governor Jan Brewer and New Mexico Governor Bill Richardson took a view from the sky of the stretch along the border where rancher Robert Krentz was murdered.

"We are fed up with the federal government not doing more.  We can't do it alone," says Governor Brewer. The two governors are joining forces in venting their frustrations. Governor Richardson reiterated Brewer's sentiments, "I just want to echo what Governor Brewer said, we cant protect the border alone we need federal help the drug cartels are getting stronger."

The governors complain understaffed border patrol and other law enforcement officers try to cope with the continual flow of drugs and people across the border, "Its not getting any better. Its been reported 1 thousand undocumented come across Arizona's border every day that is totally unacceptable."

The problem brought into the forefront once again with the murder of Krentz 10 days ago. The governors say they will be in contact with other border governors to once again call on the federal government to re-enforce the border with federal troops. They say they will continue until Washington agrees to send more troops, "And pledge to stop this illegal activity."

Governor Richardson sent national guardsmen to the border to help with the situation. But brewer says Arizona doesn't have the money and resources to do the same thing right now.