Glendale couple says limo hit their car and company won't pay for damages

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GLENDALE -- A Glendale couple say a limo hit their car four months ago and they can't get the company to pay for damages.

Amanda Ogilvie and her husband, Brian, have their hands full with their young son and will soon be adding to the family.

"We're having a boy, we're due May 20th," Amanda said.

So back in December, they wanted to take their son out for one last outing before their family of three grew to four.

"We were spending pretty much our last family outing together with the three of us and we went to Glendale Glitters," Amanda said.

They were having a great night until a limo hit their car.

"I'm laying on the horn, I couldn't move because there's a curb and people," Brian said.

"The limo from the left-hand lane tried to make a right-hand turn and people on the street corner were shouting and my husband was laying on the horn and he didn't stop and ended up hitting our bumper and took part of it with him," Amanda said.

According to Amanda and her husband, their car was clipped by a Hummer limo from a company called Luxor Limousines.

Because their car was damaged, the couple called the police and, according to the police report, the driver for Luxor Limousines was cited for making an improper turn. Since then, Amanda and Brian say they've tried to get Luxor Limousines to pay to repair their damaged car, but have gotten nowhere.

"We need our car fixed," Amanda said. "We have been trying to sell it. You know I'm pregnant and we want to get down to one car to make our payments easier on ourselves."

Not knowing where else to turn, Amanda contacted 3 On Your Side.

"Since December 12th, he has tried to contact them 22 times and they haven't responded to anything," she said.

After 3 On Your Side got involved Luxor Limousine's owner, Enrico Montegrossom sent us a statement saying, "The accident was a minor fender bender..."

And although his driver was cited by police, he says his driver has never admitted responsibility.

He also claims he has never been provided with a written estimate of damages, so how could he pay? Amanda says she would have provided that estimate months ago if Luxor Limousines would have simply called her back. The Owner of Luxor Limousines has been told the damages are around $1,400.

"We just want our car fixed," Amanda said. "I don't know why they can't own up to it. The driver was cited with a ticket. It's not hard to judge that he is in the wrong."

After our involvement, Luxor Limousines has agreed to pay the $1,400.

Once the Ogilvies get that check and get their car fixed, 3 On Your Side will do a follow-up.