Gov. Brewer takes aerial tour of violent stretches of Ariz. desert

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ARIZONA - The new head of the United States Customs and Border Protection is refuting claims that drug war violence in Mexico has spilled over into the U.S.

He also says the Obama administration has not yet decided whether to send more National Guard troops to the border.

It has been a week and a half since the murder of Arizona rancher Robert Krentz. Governor Jan Brewer toured the desolate stretch of desert where violent drug smugglers often run wild on Wednesday.

She renewed her pleas for a federal intervention. That was in stark contrast to the man standing next to her, New Mexico Governor Bill Richardson, who has already sent National Guard troops to the border himself.

There are already 150 National Guard members at the Arizona-Mexico border but Brewer says that is just not enough and wants another 250 more and the federal government to pay for it.

While hovering over the border, Gov. Brewer says they saw illegal immigrants making their way through the Arizona desert and even people camped out in tents on the Mexican side of the border.

The governor this week sent a letter to President Barack Obama asking for help and a commitment of National Guard troops.

New Mexico Gov. Richardson toured his own state’s border with Mexico before flying over ours. This week he added 35 more National Guard members to patrol his state's border with Mexico.

Brewer feels our state cannot afford to send troops to the border and wants the cash-strapped federal government to pick up the tab.

Considering the recent death of Krentz, the governor believes the federal government cannot afford to ignore the issue.