Credit card debt help

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If you're drowning in credit card bills you might want to look at debt settlement as an option. Debt settlement is an alternative to bankruptcy and an alternative to slowly paying bills down when you don't have the money. With the tough economy, the thought that anyone can file for bankruptcy and clear their debt is not the case anymore. You must qualify in order to file for bankruptcy.

Nationwide Debt Settlement is a company that devotes themselves to helping Arizona families dig themselves out of debt without having to file for bankruptcy. The average client currently has $74,000 of credit debt. In order to qualify for debt settlement you must have a financial hardship and a minimum of $10,000-$15,000 of debt. 

About Nationwide Debt Settlement
Nationwide Debt Settlement is a local company located in Phoenix, AZ at 3819 North 3rd Street.  Feel free to contact a representative via phone at 866-654-NWDS (6937) or email your questions to

The local team is comprised of Sarah Leineke, President and COO of Nationwide Debt Settlement and Julie Leineke, CEO and Vice President of Nationwide Debt Settlement. Their mission is to provide the tools, resources to prepare their clients for a healthy financial future.

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