Update to Valley deaf woman experiencing problems with her bank

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A Valley woman who happens to be deaf says her disability was causing some big problems with her bank.

Patty Coupland was having problems with Wells Fargo. After 3 On Your Side got involved, Wells Fargo said they would look into the matter.

These days, Toni Nelson says her mom isn't feeling so frustrated anymore. It's a far cry from last week when 3 On Your Side first told you about Coupland's issue.

Coupland's ATM card was stolen while in California and someone used it to make off with around $260 from her bank account.

Nelson said her mom, who was born deaf, filled out all the bank paperwork to be reimbursed since she was a crime victim.

But Nelson said a Wells Fargo investigator insisted on speaking with her mom on the phone for follow-up questions, something that can't be done since her mom is deaf.

Nelson, a professional interpreter for the deaf, told Wells Fargo she would act as her mom's interpreter, but Nelson says the bank was suspicious and in a letter said her mother would not be getting her $260 back at all.

However, after 3 On Your Side got involved, Wells Fargo changed its mind and reimbursed Coupland all the money stolen from her account.

And what did Nelson's mom do with the money?

"She used the money to by herself a new TV set that she so badly needed," Nelson said. "Her eyes are bad so she bought a new TV with it."

By the way, Wells Fargo not only returned the $260 to Coupland, but they also returned $270 in overdraft fees because the theft had sent her account spiraling out of control.

So, all in all, they returned more than $500.