Kokopelli's beatles party recipes

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Strawberry Fields Forever Shortcake (With White Merlot)
1 bottle of Kokopelli Rhinewine
½ cup of granulated sugar
2 lbs. fresh sliced strawberry’s
1 shortcake or pound cake
homemade or cool whip whipped cream

Pour wine into pan and turn heat to low. Once a simmer begins add sugar and mix in thoroughly. Let mixture reduce by one-third. Cool in refrigerator.

Wash, and slice fresh strawberries and place in container with lid that will seal tight. Pour Kokopelli Rhinewine mixture over top, cover and shake to coat thoroughly. Leave overnight in the refrigerator.

Let strawberries sit at room temp for one hour prior to serving. Slice shortcake or pound cake and top with two tablespoons of marinated strawberries and a dollop of whipped cream. Serve immediately.

Rocky Racoon Beef (Kokopelli Cabernet Sauvignon)

3 – 2oz. beef tenderloin
1 tsp. beef dry rub seasoning
4 oz. diced red onion
2 oz. Kokopelli Cabernet Sauvignon

Rub Tenderloin and cook in sauté pan with butter and onions.
Place Onion slice on top
Slice red onion ¼” thick and place center cut on top of burger.
When you turn beef add Kokopelli Cabernet Sauvignon

Blue Sliders (Kokopelli Cabernet Sauvignon)

3 soft rolls
3 oz blue cheese spread
2 oz BBQ sauce

Place burger bun on tenderloin pieces to steam as wine reduces.
Brush bun with blue cheese spread.
Place tenderloins individually in buns and top with carmelized onions.
Serve BBQ sauce on side.
Serve immediately