Gilbert woman says she hasn't received refund promised by airline

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GILBERT -- A Gilbert woman says an airline promised her a refund, but the airline hasn't come through with the money yet so she contacted 3 On Your Side for some help.

This all has to do with part of a trip that was canceled.

Because it was canceled by the airline the woman says she should get her money back. The airline even agrees, but it still hasn't sent her the money.

Like any grandparent, Kimberly Nelson and her husband were thrilled to finally meet their granddaughter.

"She was born a month prior, in November, so this was our big December trip to see the new baby," Nelson said.

In order to meet little Remy Marie, the Nelsons booked reservations on Northwest Airlines.

The plan was to fly from Phoenix to Detroit and then catch a connecting flight to Saginaw, Mich., where their daughter and granddaughter live.

"The whole trip started off so wonderful then turned so bad so quickly," Nelson said.

Now, the flight to Detroit was fine, but for unexplained reasons their connecting flight to Saginaw was canceled. So, Nelson says relatives had to drive two hours to Detroit to pick them up.

"We were just so angry," she said.

After the trip, Nelson immediately wrote to the airlines and asked for a refund for the unused tickets from Detroit to Saginaw.

At this point, Northwest had merged with Delta and in e-mails to Nelson, Delta said they would be happy to issue her a partial refund and even apologized for the canceled flight.

But months later, Nelson says she hasn't seen that refund and contacted 3 On Your Side for help.

3 On Your Side got in touch with Delta and after we did, they gave Nelson not only a partial refund but a full refund totaling $390.

Nelson says it's money she's been waiting to get for a long time and credits 3 On Your Side for making it happen.

A big thank you to Delta for helping out so quickly.