Veteran powerboat racer from Mesa killed in weekend race in Australia

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By Alicia Barron By Alicia Barron

MESA – A veteran powerboat racer from Mesa is one of two competitors killed over the weekend during a race in Australia.

Dave Bryant was considered one of the best powerboat champions in America. He lived in Arizona along with his wife and close relatives.

A YouTube memorial video of Bryant has been posted online. The 44-year-old from Mesa was killed Easter Sunday when his open cockpit flat bottom boat rolled over at an estimated 135 miles per hour during a powerboat race in Taree, Australia.

Reports say he was ejected. One news report from Australia said the following:

The boat was suddenly crippled by mechanical fault throwing him into the river with his wife watching in horror from the shore. Bryant's body was dragged from the water.
Rescue workers performed CPR at the course but Bryant was pronounced dead at the hospital.

Fans are remembering Bryant on the web by posting photos of him. He was well-known in the racing community and considered a veteran, often signing autographs.

His online biography says he had been racing for nearly 15 years, winning many competitions.

Fans say he will be missed. The race was supposed to be known as Australia's biggest powerboat race in 20 years. Now it will also be known as one of the worst.

A second competitor from Australia, 61-year-old Brian McCosker, was also killed during the weekend race.