Girl impaled by fence talks to 3TV from hospital about ordeal

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By Alicia Barron By Alicia Barron

PHOENIX – A freak accident sent a Valley 9-year old to the hospital.

She tried to hop a fence and get ball when her leg was impaled. The girl spoke to 3TV’s Stacey Delikat for the first time since the accident.

Damaris Villanueva acted like a brave little girl and was lucky. Doctors say that if that fence had gone through her thigh at a different angle, she may have had serious complications. Instead she is recovering well and says she is eager to get out of the hospital. She admits, “I was a little bit scared.”

Villanueva hopped over the fence to fetch a ball on Saturday night but when she tried to hop back she got stuck.

Dr. Marc Matthews, with the Maricopa County Medical Center, explains, “So this is impaled just like that, you can see it. That's the fence sticking out of the leg.”

On Sunday Trauma Surgeon Marc Matthews gave 3TV a peek at Villanueva’s X-rays taken minutes after she was rushed in for surgery.

Before she could be transported, firefighters had to use the Jaws of Life to cut her away from the fence. Dr. Matthews explains, “The fire department clipped it, and brought her in with this inside of her. It was painful.”
Villanueva’s aunt says, “She was just screaming and screaming and screaming.”

Despite the pain, doctors found the injury was not as bad as it looked. The fence missed the girl’s bones and arteries.

The 3rd-grader is now recovering comfortably with her mom and aunt by her side and is thankful to her doctors for getting her patched up. She says, “They were awesome.”

Villanueva is expected to go home as soon as Monday evening.