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Chef Chuck Wiley, Café ZuZu at Hotel Valley Ho
Chef Wiley is the Executive Chef at Café ZuZu in the Hotel Valley Ho located at 6850 E. Main Street in Scottsdale. Call 480-248-2000 for reservations & info.
>>View Chuck’s recipe for Toasted panzanella salad with tomatoes & fennel

Hansen Clinic of Natural Medicine – How to Stop Allergies FAST without Drugs
As many as 50 million Americans have allergies, including 36 million who suffer from seasonal allergies & at least 14 million who have food allergies. Seasonal Allergies, also known as hay fever, can make you miserable. Millions of Americans hate springtime because it means constant sneezing, congestion, watery, itchy eyes, runny nose, mental dullness, poor concentration, headaches & fatigue.  Most Americans reach for a prescription drug or OTC anti-histamine to treat their allergies, however, drugs often cause significant adverse effects and unwanted symptoms that can be worse than the allergies. Dr. Hansen’s All-Natural Allergy Formula is now on special with  Buy One-Get-One-FREE while supplies last. For more information call 480-991-5092 or visit

Kyle Unfug (Special K), KISS FM John Jay & Rich Co-Host – The Good, The Bad & The Gossip
For more information on Kyle at KISS FM 104.7 visit

Nationwide Debt SettlementPassion to Action on Credit Card Debt
Your Life A to Z viewers will receive a discount for a specially suited program upon mentioning this segment. Nationwide Debt Settlement helps consumers find options for those drowning in credit card debt. For more information please call 602-265-DEBT (3328) or visit

The Pangean Orchestra – World Premier Concert
For more information on the Pangean Orchestra World Premier Concert being performed at Phoenix Symphony Hall located at 75 N. 2nd St. in Phoenix on Sun. April 11th at 2:00 p.m., visit, for tickets visit or call 480-204-1092