Teen charged for giving pot-laced birthday cake to group of students

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John Stropko, 18, faces endangerment charges. By Alicia Barron John Stropko, 18, faces endangerment charges. By Alicia Barron

CAVE CREEK – A teenager was arrested for allegedly lacing a cake with marijuana that made a couple of students sick.

Scottsdale police say two students, ages 16 and 18, from Cactus Shadows High School went into the school office at about 1 p.m. on Wednesday and complained of ‘strange feelings’ which included an elevated heart rate.

The students said they had not consumed any illegal substances but had eaten birthday cake earlier in the day. Both were taken to Thompson Peak Hospital where evidence of THC, a chemical contained in marijuana, was found in their systems.

After further investigation by Scottsdale police officers it was revealed that five other students who were off-campus, three 17-year-olds and two 18-year-olds, had also eaten the pot-laced birthday cake but did not require medical attention.

John Stropko, 18, was identified as being the one who took the cake to school. He was located at his Carefree home where he reportedly admitted to distributing the cake that was laced with marijuana.

Stropko faces charges of endangerment. He was booked but has since been released.