Phoenix woman still waiting for company to fix her computer

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PHOENIX -- A computer company promised 3 On Your Side to look into a customer's complaint, but did the company do anything to make things right?

3 On Your Side first told you about Fran Misquez and her inoperable Acer computer last week. At the time, Acer said they would look into the matter. Well, it's been a full week, so what has Acer done about this Valley woman's problem?

When Misquez got a big box recently from Acer, she opened it up and was thrilled to find a new computer inside.

"I thought maybe they were just trying to make me happy for all my problems in the past and just ship me a new one," she said.

Now, it was just last week when Misquez told 3 On Your Side that her $1,100 Acer computer would constantly crash and shut down for no reason.

Even though it was under warranty, Misquez says she couldn't get Acer to fix it.

You might remember her frustration.

"Everyone has a computer and you never hear about people having the kind of problems I am having," she said. "I feel I just got shafted with this computer."

After 3 On Your Side got involved, Acer said they would look into Misquez's problem, which brings us back to that computer Misquez received in the mail.

Turns out the computer was mailed to Misquez by mistake. It actually belongs to another Acer customer somewhere in the United States and Acer accidentally mailed it to Misquez.

After bringing the mistake to Acer's attention, we decided to pack it up and mail it back to Acer and then wait to see what they will do about Misquez's problem.

So, where do we stand now? Well, Acer wrote 3 On Your Side an e-mail apologizing for the confusion and the delay of repairing Misquez's computer.

They said they plan on fixing Misquez's computer and expediting that repair and getting it back to her soon.

We'll see.