Triano family pleased at outcome of Young trial

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Guilty on all counts.

The jury finds Ronald Young guilty of killing Tucson businessman Gary Triano in a murder for hire plot.

After waiting 12 years for an arrest, the family of Gary Triano waited less than two days for a verdict.

Brian Triano, son of the victim Gary Triano, is very happy to have this part of the ordeal over, "It's been a very long time for our family. I can't tell you how many times we thought we'd never see who killed my father."

"We can't be happier with the way it turned out. It's a good day for us," says Brian.

A good day, but as Triano's children explain, they are not finished waiting quite yet, "We just have to say this is just the beginning for us. We still have one more case to worry about."

Ronald Young is guilty of setting off the car bomb that killed their father.

But Triano's former wife Pamela Phillips is the one accused of paying him to do it, to get her hands on insurance money.

She's awaiting extradition in Austria and will face trial when she returns to Pima County.

And the weight on this family won't be lifted until that happens says Brian, "It's not over for us. This is the first one. You asked if it's a weight, and it's not. We still have to worry about the future."

But the verdict did deliver some optimism. Juror James Perrine called the evidence overwhelming, "Personally I was amazed at the amount of evidence that they were able to compile after 14 years."

The feelings for the Triano family may be hard to explain. But today's verdict is a start says Triano's daughter Heather, "Sadness. It's not a good thing that happened, but at least there's a bit of closure."