Teen accused of raping Liberian girl enters guilty plea

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PHOENIX – There was a major development in the case of a child gang rape as a 15-year-old Liberian refugee pleaded guilty Tuesday in juvenile court.

The teen entered a guilty plea to six counts including sexual assault and kidnapping. A hearing to determine his punishment will be held next month.

Police say the teen and three younger Liberian boys raped an 8-year-old Liberian girl last summer. The crime took place inside a storage closet at an apartment complex in west Phoenix.

The girl's older sister was babysitting at the time. She told 3TV back then, “She always bring trouble. She always bring trouble."

The attack prompted international outcry when the girl's family blamed her for what happened. The girl is now in foster care.

Police arrested the girl's parents last November. They have pleaded not guilty to several counts of child abuse for other incidents that came to light during the investigation.

The youngest two boys accused of rape have been found incompetent to stand trial.