James Arthur Ray addressess followers with online 'motivational' video

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SEDONA - James Arthur Ray is turning to the internet to address his followers.

He posted his first motivational video on his website since he suspended personal appearances.

The self-help guru offers seven principles to create a fulfilling life. Ray never mentions the sweat lodge ceremony he ran near Sedona that ended with three people dead.

In the video he asks viewers a series of questions and asks them to ponder what is really important in their lives and how they can improve themselves.

He says, “When you understand these seven principles, they'll get you out of bed in the morning when you don't really feel like it. There are gonna be those times and I know you've had them. I certainly have."

Ray has pleaded not guilty on three counts of manslaughter. His trial is set to begin in Yavapai County at the end of August.