Owl struck in the eye by golf ball in Surprise

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PHOENIX – Golfers try hard to get a birdie, which is one shot under par.  

One golfer at a Surprise golf course ended up getting a real birdie and the outcome was not good.

The real “birdie” was a great-horned owl. It appears a stray golf ball hit the owl in the face and now the bird will be forced to live with a very real handicap. The owl was taken to the Eye Care for Animals Clinic in Phoenix.

“The golf ball came in and just struck the eye so the eye filled with blood,” explains Dr. Joanna Norman.

Dr. Norman and Dr. Melanie Church are trying to give the bird a fighting chance after it was hit in the face by a gold ball at the Coyote Lakes Golf Club in Surprise.

Dr. Norman explains, “So the socket is empty but really in the end, of course, it’s healed over and there’s a thin layer of tissue.”

So much damage was done to the left eye that it had to be taken out. On Tuesday Bob Fox took the owl, now known as Bogey, for a check-up. Fox is caring for more than 60 owls at his Wild at Heart bird sanctuary in the north valley.
Fox says he believes Bogey will have a good chance of making it.

Fox says Bogey should be released back at the scene of the accident, “Because there could be a mate out there waiting for him…and they may wait for up to three years before they take another mate.”

Both Dr. Norman and Dr. Church donate their time and services as they get Bogey ready for his trip home.

For more information on Wild At Heart call (480) 595-5047 or go to Wild at Heart Owls.