Pet of the Day - Gabe

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ID # - 660721
1.5 Years Old, Chihuahua, Male
Gabe is a sweet boy who was transferred to HSSA from a shelter in Oakland California.

Over the past year, California shelters have seen a dramatic increase in Chihuahuas and toy breed dogs. This might have been in connection to celebrities carrying them around like accessories. But shortly after people bring them home, they realize they are a lot more work than a new pair of shoes or a hand bag, resulting in many unwanted small breed dogs in California shelters.

Gabe came from a group of 28 small breed dogs transferred to HSSA from an Oakland shelter on March 24th. It was the 4th delivery of small breed dogs HSSA has taken over the past few months. Not much is known about Gabe’s past, but he is a sweet boy who gets along with other dogs, and would love to cuddle in your lap.