Traffic stop leads to missing child situation

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PHOENIX - On March 17 a traffic stop conducted by Phoenix police officers led to a confrontation with the driver and a missing child situation.

After making the traffic stop for white lights to the rear, officers found out the driver was operating the vehicle while her driving privileges were suspended.

Officers then had to have the car towed. This angered the driver and she locked the car refusing to cooperate.

A relative came to the scene to calm the situation and help the passenger remove the children that were in the car.

The tow truck driver was able to tow the car without having the keys, so after officers told the occupants of the car to remove their valuables it was towed from the scene to the area of 3400 South 39th Avenue.

About 30 minutes later Phoenix police received a call of a missing child from the driver of the car. Apparently the driver's two-year-old daughter was missing and possibly still inside the towed car.

The child was found in the rear seat asleep and reunited with her mother without incident.

After the driver told the officers there was nothing left in the car, they felt it free to tow away.

Phoenix police would like to remind parents they need to be responsible for their children.