Phoenix store clerk beaten after locking robber inside store

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PHOENIX - Police say a robber is on the run after beating a Valley store clerk.

The attack happened right after the clerk locked the robber in the Chevron store, after attempting to steal candy.

He was locked inside with nowhere to go, so police say he brutally attacked the clerk with a bat.
Police recognize him and say he's a transient who lives around this area and police are hoping someone knows where he is.

It all started over a box of chocolates.

Police say an African American man in his thirties walked into the Phoenix Chevron near 24th Street and Washington Street around 1 a.m. Monday morning.

Perusing the candy aisle, but when the clerk standing behind this window noticed the suspect about to steal an entire box of candy that is when the victim locked the suspect’s way out.

"At that point the clerk secured a baseball bat to protect himself and unfortunately the suspect jumped over the counter took the baseball bat from the 62 year old victim and struck him several times," said Detective James Holmes with Phoenix police.

The entire incident was caught on the store’s surveillance cameras.

The video shows the suspect jumping into the clerk's window opening as the clerk tries to stop him.

"It was pretty bad, he got 26 staples in his head and some fractured ribs, a 62 year old man," said store manager Habib Abboushi.

It was so bad Abboushi couldn't show 3TV the actual attack, but his store cameras did catch it all on tape.

After the beating, the video shows the suspect jump back over the counter with bat in hand and try to get into the register, but apparently can't figure out how to open it and flees.

"It's sad and it's scary to us, but at the same time what was it all about and what was it for, a candy bar," Holmes said.

Police and Abboushi are hoping for an arrest.

"I hope they catch this guy and put him in jail for a long time,” Abboushi said. “He deserves it."

If you know where the suspect is you're asked to call Phoenix police. In the meantime, the clerk is okay but was hit

several times by the bat including at least two times in the head.