Found child wandered away from baby sitter's house

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By Catherine Holland By Catherine Holland

PHOENIX -- Police say a 4-year-old girl was found by herself in the area of 41st Street and Baseline Road at about 7:30 Monday morning.

The little girl told officers her name and that she's from Mesa. She was found wandering westbound along Baseline Road in Phoenix.

According to Detective James Holmes, Chyna Harvey's mother dropped her off at the baby sitter's house.

Holmes said the mother walked Chyna up to the door and knocked.

"The baby sitter's 5-year-old opened the door and the child did go inside," Holmes explained. "Unfortunately, they weren't expected until about 7:20, so the child-care provider was actually still asleep.

"Evidently, Chyna decided she did not want to stay, and she left the home," Holmes continued.

That house is about 1/4 mile from where she was found.

Some good Samaritans picked up Chyna and called the police. The girl appeared to be unhurt and in good spirits. She was reunited with her family a short time later.