Another bee attack over weekend at Phoenix yard sale

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PHOENIX — Yet another bee attack over the weekend, this time sending multiple people to the hospital including two children.

Dozens of people were forced to flee indoors when a swarm of bees attacked at a yard sale near 68th and Glendale avenues Saturday afternoon.

Glendale Fire Department spokesman Daniel Valenzuela says about 35 people were at the yard Saturday when the agitated bees attacked.

Witnesses say the bees were in their hair and very aggressive.

Several people were transported to the hospital to be treated. Three adults were stung several times and a child and an infant were stung once each and treated as a precaution, but no serious injuries resulted from the attack.

Firefighters foamed down the hive which was found in an old tire near the yard where the sale was happening.

This is just the latest in a string of bee attacks in the Phoenix metro area. This time of year bees are mating and easily disturbed. The tend to be very aggressive as we have seen due to the number of people attacked and the amount of time they have been stung.

One bee keeper 3TV spoke with said he has been getting about 200 calls per day.

It is important to avoid a bee hive if you come across one and not try to remove it by yourself.