Palin stumps for McCain in Mesa; hecklers tossed

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MESA, Ariz. -- Working off virtually the same script that she presented yesterday in Tucson, former Alaska governor Sarah Palin appeared before a packed house at Dobson High School in Mesa this morning.  Palin encouraged Arizona voters to send her one-time presidential running mate John McCain back to office.  

It was during Palin's speech that things became decidedly unscripted when a heckler began voicing his opposition to the wars overseas.  A short time later a second heckler piped-in with similar comments.  McCain supporters grabbed the two men and hustled them out of the packed high school gymnasium where Mesa police then intervened. 

"We were not actually inside to provide security for the event" said Sergent Ed Wessing with the Mesa police department.  "Things did become somewhat physical with both the volunteers and this individual...we had officers out here who handcuffed him and detained him so that we could determine if a crime had actually been committed." said Wessing. 

Ethen Elder, one of the protesters, says he was grabbed and pulled in multiple directions and put into a headlock by supporters who were attending the event. 

Mesa police took statements from the two protesters; no charges were filed and both men were released.