Police find $3.75 million of drugs in house

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PHOENIX -- Police arrested three men and confiscated several million dollars worth of drugs on Wednesday.

At a press conference, Phoenix Police Department spokesman Tommy Thompson said the three men arrested were Jorge Lopez-Chavira, 26, Carlos Villegas-Zamora, 35 and Rafael Baez, 46.

Vince Piano, a spokesman for the Phoenix Police Drug Enforcement Bureau, said police surveillance began at 4447 N. 84th Dr.  in Phoenix.

Piano said police "saw movement that would indicate there were drugs coming in at this time," and they conducted a traffic stop on one of the cars that left the house with a package.

Officers allegedly found 5 pounds of methamphetamine inside of the vehicle.

The vehicle's owner, Piano said, was also a resident of the house, and police were able to obtain a warrant to search the house as well. Inside, they found 650 pounds of marijuana, 30 kilograms of cocaine and 15 pounds meth, which Thompson said had a total estimated street value of $3.75 million.

Piano said police also found a 9mm handgun and $400,000 in cash in the house.

Police also stopped a car that left the house during the first traffic stop. In a hidden compartment, they allegedly found another $400,000 in cash.

Officers say the investigation is ongoing.