Tucson business owners concerned about hidden health care charges

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The new health care bill is more than two-thousand pages long And now we're beginning to see why. Little known provisions and changes are starting to emerge from the document and some local business owners are fuming mad.

Swim suit season is just around the corner and tanning salons like Kist by Mist are getting busy. Well, at least they're hoping that happens.

Jenelle Ehrlich owns a tanning salon and is about some of the little known changes included in the massive Health Care Reform Bill, "there's going to be a 10 percent tax added to tanning salons."

Jenelle tries to keep her prices low to stay competitive in an economy battered by the recession, but some people feel a 10 percent tax won't stop anyone from getting golden.

But Jenelle thinks some things are missing from the bill, "why aren't they charging fast food."

While the fast food industry isn't getting charged an extra tax, they didn't escape the health reform bill.  Chain restaurants with 20 or more locations will be required to post calorie information next to the item on indoor and outdoor menus.  Which some people think could change what and how we eat, "definitely, i think the more calories and what kind of nutritional info is in our food, the better choices we can make."

There are those who argue people can make their own decisions. And fee's and changes included in the health care bill may lead down a slippery slope.