Add a drip system to your flower pots

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PHOENIX -- It's an easy way to add some color to your yard without taking on the hassle of constant watering . Debbie Hernandez from The Home Depot shows us how to add a drip system to your flower pots.

1/4-inch vinyl drip micro tubing
1/4-inch barb connectors
Micro tubing hole punch
Adjustable dripper on spikes
1/4-inch barbed Ts (if doing multiple pots)
Utility knife or sharp scissors
Optional: Drill (if pot does not have a drainage hole)

Add the following if there is no existing drip system and you are connecting directly to a hose bib:
Hose pressure regulator
Hose reducer (from garden hose to 1/4-inch tubing)
Hose Y

Turn of water to the yard.

Drill a 3/4 or 1-inch drainage hole in the bottom center of any garden pot if it doesn't already have one.

Locate main drip line in your yard.

Puncture a hole in the main drip line where the pot will be located.

Push a barb connector into newly punched hole. This will seal the hole and be a connector for the new garden pot drip line.

Based on the pot height, cut a piece of 1/4-inch drip tubing.

Attach drip line to other end of barb connector.

Feed tubing up through drainage hole in garden pot.

Attach adjustable dripper on spike. You can adjust water flow to up to 10 gallons based on plants or flowers in the planter.

Place pot in desired spot.

Plant pot while holding drip line up the middle. Place some rocks in the bottom for drainage; fill with planter soil; add flowers.

Place drip stake into soil.

Turn water on and check water flow.

If you're connecting directly to garden hose, place pot in desired location.

Attach hose Y to hose spigot, one side for a hose, one side for a dripper.

Attach pressure regulator, then reducer;

Attach 1/4-inch drip tubing.

Run tubing to planter; run tubing up through the drainage hole.

From there, you're ready to fill you pot. Use the steps above to finish.