More allegations against Phoenix police South Mountain precinct

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PHOENIX – There are more allegations of abuse against the Phoenix Police Department's South Mountain precinct.

This comes as the Federal Bureau of Investigation investigates whether a white police officer from the district threw a black city councilman to the ground and handcuffed him for no reason.

It has been five days since the incident with Councilman Michael Johnson and with every day the outrage has seemed to grow stronger within the south Phoenix community where it happened.

People who live and work in the 400 Precinct say these new allegations do not come as a surprise to them. In fact, they say they see this kind of abuse of power all the time.

Devoria Hollinquest says, “They just yanked her and were just giving it to her like that.”

Hollinquest says she was there the day six police officers from the South Mountain Precinct rushed into her apartment complex and arrested neighbor, Letha Colter.

Hollinquest says they were, “Sockin' her in the ribs and stuff and all you hear is her screaming ‘help they hitting me they hitting me’.”

Attorney Bertrand Russell says police were arresting Colter's daughter at the time and all she did was ask them why when, according to Russell, she became the target.

Bertrand says Colter was beaten and charged with aggravated assault and resisting arrest. They plan to file a complaint with Phoenix police.

This comes at the same time as another shocking allegation against officers from the same precinct.

Vanessa Lewis is a supporter of Councilman Johnson, and told her story at a press conference Tuesday, saying she also suffered abuse at the hands of an officer.

Lewis says a member of the police department told her he would toss out a traffic ticket in exchange for sex. Lewis explains, “Finally when he asked me for the fifth time, ‘what are you going to do for me since I'm going to do this for you?’ I agreed to have sex with the officer." She did not have sex with him and instead called police.

Councilman Johnson, whose incident last week has sparked a lot of attention, says he still supports the Phoenix Police Department. He was a member for more than 20 years.

The police, along with the FBI are conducting investigations into what happened the morning Councilman Johnson was arrested.

So far it is unknown whether officials will look into the South Mountain precinct as a whole.