Self-help guru is attempting a comeback on cyberspace

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PHOENIX – Self-help guru James Arthur Ray is attempting a comeback but this one is going to be a little different.

It is also not sitting well with people affected by the sweat lodge but James Arthur Ray is back to offering his self-help advice.

The latest is a new video blog posted late Monday night that was shot on a webcam. This is not the way we are used to seeing self-help guru James Arthur Ray who is usually in front of large audiences.

Ray says in the post, "You might be aware that I don’t have a company any longer so I’m unable to produce the live events." He goes on to say, “So I’m going to ask you to join me here on the internet and we'll get together on a regular basis."

Ray also started tweeting advice to followers on Twitter. His online activity has sparked a backlash from former followers and their families.

Bryan Neuman, a resident of Minnesota whose mother died, says "Yeah those have really bothered me." 3TV talked by phone with Neuman. His mother, Liz Neuman, died after collapsing in the sweat lodge.

Bryan has launched his own Twitter campaign combating the new teachings coming from James Ray. Neuman says, “If he's out of money and has manslaughter charges against him, he shouldn't be giving advice right now."

Before walking into court last week, Ray posted this:  Often we want our current life situations to hurry and get done so we can get on with life.  We forget this is life and joy is now."

Neuman resents Ray's thoughts about joy. He says, “Obviously I was upset with that because I’m not enjoying life right now."

Still Ray maintains a large group of supporters who can now follow him online.

As Ray attempts to re-start his career and move forward, it is proving more difficult for the families of people who died after the sweat lodge.

Neuman says, “If he were to take responsibility and...apologize personally to us for the way he handled the situation - abandoned everyone in the night…that'd be a first step for sure."

James Arthur Ray’s trial begins in August.